Scholarship applications

a) Important dates for the current scholarship application round

January 15, 2022: Deadline for applicants who wish to be considered for an EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship (first round applicants: potential "scholarship holders"). All applications are being examined by the Recruitment Committee of the center/school.

Second Februaryweek 2022: The best candidates were invited to an interview round.

March 28 and April 1, 2022: Online interview rounds of invited candidates. Decisions on the admission of candidates were communicated shortly after the second interview round.



Application as a "fellow"

b) Important dates for an application as a fellow/associated member:


August 31: Deadline for application without EC2/BIG-NSE scholarships

Mid-September: Possible interviews of candidates for membership as a "fellow"

End of September: Admission decision is e-mailed to fellow applicants



For all accepted EC2/BIG-NSE members:


October 1: Start of the Winter Semester. Beginning of the Initial Phase of the EC2/BIG-NSE PhD studies.