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New EC2/BIG-NSE symposium on Wednesday afternoon, June 23, from 5 to 6 pm

J. Niklas Hausmann (WS18 batch, Driess group) and Shweta Kalra (WS18 batch, Driess group as well), present the progress of their PhD work

The first talk will be given from 5 to approximately 5:20 pm by J. Niklas Hausmann about "The role of precatalysts and their transformation conditions in the oxygen evolution reaction" (see abstract here). His talk will be followed by a Q/A session, as usual. Niklas is an EC2/BIG-NSE PhD student from the WS18 batch. He is currently writing his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess, and is funded by a EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship. He comes from Vogelsberg a rural area in Germany. He studied Chemistry at the University of Freiburg, the HU Berlin, and Kyoto University. After his master thesis, he was for 4 month at the University of Bologna and subsequently joined joined the EC2/BIG-NSE.

After his  talk, expectedly from approximately 5:30 to 5:50pm, Shweta Kalra will give a talk about "The synthesis and reactivity of bis(silylene)pyridine stabilized manganese(0) complex: a bis(silylene analogue of Mn(CO)5 radical" (see abstract here). Her talk will be followed by a Q/A session, as usual. Shweta is an EC2/BIG-NSE PhD student from the WS18 batch as well. She is also currently writing his PhD thesis under the supervision of Matthias Driess (TUB) and is funded by an EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship. She comes from Rudrapur, a city in the north of India. She studied chemistry at the University of Delhi to accomplish her bachelor studies, and then changed to Indian Institute of Technology Delhi where she completed her master's studies in Chemistry. After the EC2/BIG-NSE initial phase at the end of 2018, she joined the Driess group for her PhD in January 2019.  

The EC2/BIG-NSE symposium represents a new series of scientific presentations given by our EC2/BIG-NSE PhD students (see schedule of the coming months here). In the coming months, on several Wednesday afternoons,  two students will thus give an online talk from approximately  5-6 pm (20 min presentation each + 10 mn Q/A). The symposium takes place online using Zoom. The access to the event is restricted to members of UniSysCat. The Zoom Link will be sent to them a few days before symposium date.

Looking forward to welcoming you on Wednesday!