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Dr. Patrick Littlewood

N° 62

Date finished: Nov. 2015

Batch: WS11

Country of origin: UK

Supervisor(s): Prof. Schomäcker (TU), Prof. Thomas (TU)

Area PhD: Low Temperature Dry Reforming of Methane with Nickel Manganese Oxide Catalysts

Present occupation:
01/2020 - now: Principle Scientist at "Gas Technology Institute" (GTI), Des Plaines (close to Chicago)


Visiting Scholar for the Northwestern University (see details below)

Past occupations:
02/2016 - 12/2019: PostDoc between the groups of Prof. Peter C. Stair and Prof. Tobin Marks at Northwestern University in Chicago
07/2009 - 09/2010: Placement Engineer at Cargill