Next deadline for applications (for an EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship/position): January 15, 2023.
The last application season finished on January 15, 2022 (see current status here). The next one will start in October 2022.

Scholarship applications

a) Important dates for the next scholarship application round

January 15, 2023: Deadline for applicants who wish to be considered for an EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship (first round applicants: potential "scholarship holders"). All applications will be examined by the Recruitment Committee of the center/school.

Beginning of February 2023: The best candidates will be invited to an interview round.

April / May, 2023: Online interview rounds of invited candidates. Decisions on the admission of candidates will be communicated shortly after the second interview round.



Application as a "fellow"

b) Important dates for an application as a fellow/associated member:


August 31: Deadline for application without EC2/BIG-NSE scholarships

Mid-September: Possible interviews of candidates for membership as a "fellow"

End of September: Admission decision is e-mailed to fellow applicants



For all accepted EC2/BIG-NSE members:


October 1: Start of the Winter Semester. Beginning of the Initial Phase of the EC2/BIG-NSE PhD studies.