Unfortunately, we could not yet secure any funding for a full PhD with start in October 2024.
Therefore, there will be no call for the WS24 batch and you do not need to send us any application.
Thank you for your understanding!


This year again, all applications will have to be sent by email to the following address:



  • All application documents have to be written in (or translated into) English!
  • All files (see list below) have to be sent in PDF format
  • All application files (except for the recommendation letters: see below) should be possibly sent at the same time. It means that you should wait until you have all files ready before submitting your application per email. If it is not possible to send all files with one email, because the attachment is then too big, the files can be sent using several emails in a row. But applications where files are sent on different dates might be discarded.
  • Alternatively, in case some files are too big to be sent by email, a link to a download page of all files can be sent. Here too, it is expected than the files to be downloaded are final.
  • The files should be named according to the nomenclature defined below (see right column: File names).
  • Exotic characters (like \, %, [ or √§)  should not be contained in the file name.
  • Only full applications arriving before deadline will be considered! Do not forget to ask soon enough two referees to send me their recommendation letters (8. below)!


The required application materials consist of:

  File name*
1The completed application form1_Form_Your_last_name


A personal statement of purpose (SOP) letter



Your curriculum vitae (CV)3_CV_Your_last_name


Scanned copies of your Master's /Bachelor's certificates/transcripts4_Transc_Your_last_name
5Proof of your proficiency in English5_Engl_Your_last_name
6Other documents you might wish to submit (further certificates, publications, etc.)6_Misc_Your_last_name
  * Please put your own last name at the end of the file names
7Two letters of recommendation (to be sent DIRECTLY by your referees to the following email address: info@ec2.tu-berlin.de).
Recommendation letters sent by the candidate her/himself will not be considered!