Except for the letters of recommendation, application documents mainly have to be submitted online through the application portal.

Required additional material (diplomas and corresponding transcripts/records, proof of proficiency in the English language, reference letters etc.) have to be uploaded* as PDF files using the online application system.

Please do not use exotic characters (like \, %, [ or ä) when naming the files to be uploaded.

All application documents have to be written in (or translated into) English!!

The required application materials consist of:

  File name*
1The completed application form1_Form_First_name_Last_name


A personal statement of purpose (SOP) letter



Your curriculum vitae (CV)3_CV_First_name_Last_name


Scanned copies of your Master's /Bachelor's certificates/transcripts4_Transc_First_name_Last_name


A statement of financial resources5_Fin_First_name_Last_name
6Proof of your proficiency in English6_Engl_First_name_Last_name
7Other documents you might wish to submit (further certificates, publications, etc.) 7_Misc_First_name_Last_name
  * Please put your own first and last names into the file names
8Two letters of recommendation (to be sent DIRECTLY by your referees to the following email address: info@ec2.tu-berlin.de).