Personal statement of purpose (SOP)

Your personal statement should be approximately one page long.

It should describe your academic and career plans as well as your motivation and your scientific interests.

It should answer the following questions:

Which project(s) do you apply for? Why is/are this/these project(s) particular interesting for you? ATTENTION: It is of upmost importance to clearly state for which project(s) you are applying! Applications which do not contain this information will be ignored. The information should be highlighted and posted either at the beginning or the end of your statement. Helpful would be if you could precise which project number(s) you apply for. 
It is possible to apply for more than one project; in this case, only one application and one statement letter is needed, but for each applied project, a separate explanation is required, why the candidate is applying for each specific project.      

Why do you think you fulfill the requirements in order to successfully write a PhD on this/these topic(s)?  In particular, how do you fulfill the interdisciplinary requirements of the project(s)?

For which particular reason do you wish to work on a PhD topic offered at EC2/BIG-NSE? Why do you think that EC2/BIG-NSE is the right choice for you?