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Dr. Stefan Wahlefeld

N° 88

Date finished: July 2018

Batch: WS13

Country of origin: Germany

Supervisor(s): Prof. Hildebrandt (TUB), Prof. Wollenberger (UP)

Area PhD: Activation of H2 and CO2. Insights into biological homo- and bimetallic-based catalysis applying vibrational spectroscopy

Present occupation:
04/2023 - present: Business Developer Green Hydrogen/Power-to-X Products, at PNE AG

Previous occupations:
09/2021 - 03/2023: Project Manager Green Hydrogen at cruh21, Hamburg
09/2019  - 08/2021: Postdoc and Work Group Leader at the TU Hamburg in the group of Andreas Liese, Technical Biocatalysis
01/2021 - 08/2021: Application developper at IRPC GmbH