Below you will find the list of accepted project proposals for which candidates could apply (until March 31, 2019) for a PhD scholarship starting in October 2019.

List of project proposals for a start in WS19 (call for applications terminated)
Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
1.Hegemann (HU)/Hildebrandt (TU)Molecular and functional characterization of bacteriophytochrome from Deinococcus deserti and optogenetic application as red-light-regulated guanylyl cyclaseProposal 1
2.Süßmuth (TU)/Dobbek (HU)Structural and functional studies of class III lanthipeptide synthetasesProposal 2
3.Repke (TU)/Schomäcker (TU)Fundamental experimental investigations on mass transfer between
different catalytic centers situated in porous matrices
Proposal 3
4.Sun (FMP)/Hildebrandt (TU)The role of molecular dynamics in gating and substrate recognition of intramembrane proteasesProposal 4
5.Kneipp (HU)/Arenz (HU)Monitoring enzyme function at lipid membranes by SERSProposal 5
6.Braun (HU)/Kaupp (TU)Carbonylation and carboxylation of alkanes in fluorinated solvents or scCO2Proposal 6
7.Mroginski (TU)/Rappsilber (TU)Understanding enzymatic catalytic cycles by quantitative crosslinking mass spectrometry and molecular simulations.Proposal 7
8.Teichert (TU)/Fletcher (U. Oxford)The same and not the same – distinguishing similar functional groups by bifunctional catalystsProposal 8
9.Börner (HU)/Thomas (TU)Exploring the functionality space of organic frameworks: Via combinatorial chemistry to functional materials and artificial protein mimicsProposal 9
10.Matera (FU)/Fuhrmann (WIAS)Coupled atomistic and nanofluidic simulations for electrocatalysisProposal 10
11.Keller (FU)/Hegemann (HU)Isomerization of retinal in different chemical environments
investigated by QM calculations and transition path sampling simulations
Proposal 11
12.Friedrich (TU)/Budisa (TU/U. Manitoba)Synthetic biology tools for the design of novel biological photoswitches based on modular carotenoprotein assembliesProposal 12
13.Ray (HU)/Dau (FU)Water oxidation mediated by [MII(Hbbpya)]2+ catalysts (M= Fe, Co, Ni): Mechanistic investigation and spectroscopic trapping of reactive intermediatesProposal 13
14.Gurlo (TU)/Rosowski (BASF)/Schomäcker (TU)Fundamental aspects of performance and stability of multi-metallic catalytic systems in coupled chemocatalytic reactionsProposal 14
15.Risse (FU)/Frei (FHI)In-situ investigations on the geometric and electronic properties of paramagnetic sites in heterogeneous catalysts under relevant conditionsProposal 15
16.Hildebrandt (TU)/Hegemann (HU)Potential-dependent structural changes of membrane-bound proteins by vibrational spectroscopyProposal 16
17.Zebger (TU)/Scheller (UP)/Wollenberger (UP)Combined electrochemical and vibrational spectro-electrochemical studies of enzymatic processes on MIP covered model electrodesProposal 17
18.Kraehnert (TU)/Werwatz (TU)Knowledge extraction form large sets of data in heterogeneous catalysis - a combined experimental, computational and statistical approach -Proposal 18 (only abstract)