Below you will find the list of accepted project proposals for which candidates could apply (until Jan. 15, 2020) for a PhD position starting in October 2020 - Call terminated.

List of project proposals for a start in WS20 (call for applications terminated)
Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
1.Bojdys (KCL), Thomas (TU)Mass- and charge-transport in hybrid organic/inorganic photocatalyst systems (SNPs@LDHs) – a high-throughput approachProposal 1
2.Zebger (TU), Scheller (UP), Wollenberger (UP)Combined electrochemical and vibrational spectro-electrochemical studies of enzymatic processes on MIP covered model electrodesProposal 2
3.Kneipp (HU)/Arenz (HU)Monitoring enzyme function at lipid membranes by SERSProposal 3
4.Mroginski (TU), Rappsilber (TU)Understanding enzymatic catalytic cycles by quantitative crosslinking mass spectrometry and molecular simulationsProposal 4
5.Driess (TU), Chaudret (INSA Toulouse)Boosting efficiency of electrocatalytic water-splitting by magnetically induced heatingProposal 5
6.Matera (FHI), Klein (FU), Fuhrmann (WIAS)Coupled atomistic and nanofluidic simulations for electrocatalysisProposal 6
7.Ray (HU), Hasenstab-Riedel (FU)C-H bond halogenation reaction mediated by heterodinuclear Fe M (M= Cu, Ag, Au) complexesProposal 7
8.Mroginski (TU), Hildebrandt (TU)Elucidating cause-effect relationships in light-gated enzymes
Based on the vibrational Stark effect. A theoretical approach
Proposal 8
9.Gurlo (TU), Lenz (TU)Additive manufacturing (3D printing) of chemo- and biocatalysts with
control over spatial composition and dynamic functionalities
Proposal 9
10.Dobbek (HU), Zebger (TU)Semi-artificial metallo-enzymes for CO2 reduction and oxygenationProposal 10
11.Risse (FU), Frei (FHI)In-situ investigations on the geometric and electronic properties of paramagnetic
sites in heterogeneous catalysts under relevant conditions
Proposal 11
12.Heberle (FU), Mroginski (TU)Flavin/protein interactions that differently shape the reactivities of the two cofactors in bifurcating electron transfer flavoproteinsProposal 12
13.Kaupp (TU), Braun (HU)Carbonylation and carboxylation of alkanes in fluorinated solvents or scCO2Proposal 13
14.Oestreich (TU), Kaupp (TU)Synthesis of bis(silylium) ions and their application to C(sp2)–F bond activationProposal 14