Directions to Villa Bell

Click here for directions to the EC2/BIG-NSE Office (BEL 206) or here for directions to the Seminar Room (BEL301) and the Science Lounge (BEL208) at the Villa Bell

Below you find a description of the way to Villa Bell/Gerhard Ertl Center from the U-Bahn station Ernst-Reuter Platz (an alternative description offered by the UniCat Office can be found here):

View from the U-Bahn exit situated between TU building BH-N and EB. Please use the crosswalk in the direction of building AF and then turn to your right. You will see this view:

Walk until you find the path between AF and W:

Take this path and walk to the red and white barrier. At this point, you can already see the Villa Bell straight ahead:

The red arrow shows the main entrance door of the Villa