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16th EC2/BIG-NSE Workshop on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023: finally in presence again!

After three years, the new batch PhD students finally present again the work plan of their future PhD offline!

Titel: 16th EC2/BIG-NSE workshop

Venue:  C130, Chemistry Berlin, TU-Berlin

As every year, once their "initial phase" is finished, the new PhD students of EC2/BIG-NSE have the opportunity to present their PhD work plan in front of the UniSysCat community. After having had to do this twice online because of Corona in January 2021 and 2022, we are finally able to perform this event offline again this time!  We look forward to it!

The first presentation is planned to start at about 13:10 and the last one to finish around 17:30. Scope of the presentations ranges from theory to application on all aspects of catalysis: Organic/Inorganic chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, modelization, biotechnologies, biocatalysis etc.: all interested scientists are welcome!


Tentative schedule

13:00-13:10Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski, EC2 director Welcome words
   First session - Moderation: Prof. Arne Thomas
13:10-13:35Warisha TahirThomas (TU)/Bojdys (HU)Interfacial catalysts for overall water splitting
13:35-14:00Yaxin LiuGurlo (TU)/Schomäcker (TU)/Hess (TU)Application of substitutional and intermetallic alloys to CO2 hydrogenation by tandem catalysts
14:00-14:25Badr/ElkamashHess (TU)Stabilization of RuO2 electrocatalysts by surface modification for water splitting under operating conditions
14:25-14:45Coffee break Second session - Moderation: Prof. Peter Neubauer
14:45-15:10Yao XiaoOestreich (TU)/..C(sp3)-Si cross-coupling asymmetric synthesis of α-silyl α-amino-acids
15:10-15:35Francisco De La Fuente/KratzbornNeubauer (TU)/Lenz (TU)Development and scale-up of a fed-batch process for heterologous hydrogenase
production in E. coli
15:35-16:00Liza KobelevaHorch (FU)/Weber (ZIB)Understanding catalyst reactions by time-resolved spectroscopy and mathematic modeling
16:00-16:20Coffee break Third session - Moderation: Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski
16:20-16:45María González ViegasHeberle (FU)/Mroginski (TU)Flavin/protein interactions that differently shape the reactivities of the two cofactors in bifurcating electron transfer flavoproteins
16:45-17:10Anushka GhoshDobbek (HU)/Zebger (TU)Semi-artificial metallo-enzymes for CO2 reduction and oxygenation
17:10-17:30Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski, EC2 director Closing remarks


After the EC2/BIG-NSE workshop, the annual UniSysCat New Year party is to take place on the "Empore" of the Chemistry Building, in front of room C130. All UniSyscat members are welcome!



EC2/BIG-NSE is a doctoral program on the field of catalysis funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. It is located a TU-Berlin but involves several other Berlin research institutions.