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Fifth EC2/BIG-NSE symposium on Wednesday afternoon, April 28, from 5 to 6 pm

Konstantin Laun (WS18 batch, Zebger group) and Nicolas Liem (WS19 batch, Hegemann/Hildebrandt supervision) present the progress of their PhD work

The first talk will be given from 5 to 5:20 pm by Konstantin Laun, who is a member of the WS18 batch. He will present his research results on the topic „Unveiling the role of the second coordination sphere in a formate dehydrogenase of Rhodobacter capsulatus“ (see abstract here). Konstantin is currently investigating the interaction of the molybdenum cofactor and its surrounding with iso-electronic inhibitors to CO2. Konstantin studied physics and biophysics at the HU Berlin, where he obtained his Bachelor and Master degree. For both his master and bachelor thesis, he was in Prof. Joachim Heberle’s research group (FU Berlin) that focuses on molecular biophysics, in particular IR spectroscopy. He worked under the supervision of Dr. Sven Stripp on "gas-processing FeFe hydrogenases" using IR spectroscopy until he left in September 2018. He joined the TU in October 2018, where he started his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ingo Zebger and Prof. Peter Hildebrandt.

After his talk, expectedly between 5:30 and 5:50 pm, Nicolas Liem will give a presentation with the title "Rhodopsin phosphodiesterases-novel light-activated catalysts with high affinity" (see abstract here). Nicolas belongs to the WS19 batch of EC2/BIG-NSE and writes his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Peter Hegemann and Prof. Peter Hildebrandt. He did his bachelor and master studies in biophysics at the HU Berlin. In January 2020, he started his PhD in the group of Peter Hegemann after the EC2/BIG-NSE 2019 initial phase.

The EC2/BIG-NSE symposium represents a new series of scientific presentations given by our EC2/BIG-NSE PhD students (see schedule of the coming months here).
In the coming months, on several Wednesday afternoons, two students will thus give an online talk from approximately 5-6 pm (20 min presentation each + 10 mn Q/A). The symposium takes place online using Zoom. The access to the event is restricted to members of UniSysCat. The Zoom Link is sent to them a fews days prior to the meeting.