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Friday Jan. 7, 2022 - 15th EC2/BIG-NSE Workshop (online)

New batch PhD students present the work plan of their future PhD

Titel: 15th EC2/BIG-NSE workshop

Lecturers: Diverse: see below

Participants: UniSysCat faculty

"Venue":  Online  - Link will be communicated a few days before start

As every year once their "initial phase" is finished, the new PhD students of EC2/BIG-NSE have the opportunity to present their PhD work plan in front of the UniSysCat community.

The first presentation is planned to start at about 13:10 and the last one to finish around 17:45. Scope of the presentations ranges from theory to application on all aspects of catalysis: Organic/Inorganic chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, biotechnologies, biocatalysis etc.: all interested scientists are welcome!


Tentative timetable  (in progress)

13:00-13:10Prof. Maria Andrea MroginskiWelcome words
13:10-13:35Nicole ManciniAb-initio prediction of adsorption isotherm of water with a metal organic framework (MOF)
13:35-14:00Kathrin Maria NieswiecInvestigation of the phase transformation of a cerium-based catalyst under non-equilibrium conditions in the Deacon-process using computational methods
14:05-14:30Victor NicolausArtificial biocatalysis with chemically or biologically synthesized molybdenum cofactors
14:30-14:55Cornelius BernitzkyExploring multifunctional hydrogenases by advanced vibrational spectroscopy: Reaction site coupling in complex biocatalytic systems
14:55-15:20Miriam Carmen WalczakStructural studies on pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylases to improve kinetics for sugar-modified nucleosides
15:25-15:50Shima FarhooshElectrochemical and light-driven water splitting tracked by operando X-ray spectroscopy
15:50-16:15Honghua ZuoSilylium ion promoted electrophilic C−H silylation and cyclopropane ring opening in various ways
16:20-16:45Jesvita CardozoCarbonylation and carboxylation of alkanes in fluorinated solvents and supercritical carbon dioxide
16:45-17:10Wanli MaTandem catalysis enabled by single-side bridging and pincer-ligated heterobimetallic complexes
17:10-17:35Amanda Opis Basilio

Small molecule activation regulated by secondary coordination and electrostatic effects within artificial non-heme metalloproteins

17:35-17:40Prof. Maria Andrea MroginskiClosing remarks