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New EC2/BIG-NSE symposium on Wednesday afternoon, June 09, from 5 to 6 pm

Benjamin Bischoff (WS19 batch, Gurlo group) and Simon-Yves Tameu Ddjoko (WS19 batch, Schomäcker group), present the progress of their PhD work

The first talk will be given from 5 to approximately 5:20 pm by Benjamin Bischoff about "Development of Co-Pt based tandem catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation" (see abstract here). His talk will be followed by a Q/A session, as usual. Benjamin is an EC2/BIG-NSE PhD student from the WS19 batch. He is currently writing his PhD under the supervision of Aleksander Gurlo, and is funded by a EC2/BIG-NSE scholarship. He comes from Bad Liebenwerda in Germany. He studied Geotechnology at the TU Berlin to subsequently accomplish his bachelor and master. After the EC2/BIG-NSE initial phase at the end of 2019, he joined Aleksander Gurlo's group for his PhD in January 2020.

After his talk, expectedly from approximately 5:30 to 5:50pm, Simon Djoko will give a talk about "Doped g-C3N4 based photonic crystals in catalytic systems engineering for synergetic enhancement of light-harvesting and storage" (see abstract here). His talk will be followed by a Q/A session, as usual. Simon belongs to the WS19 batch of EC2/BIG-NSE and is supported by the UnisysCat cluster. He did his bachelor and master studies in Chemistry with Inorganic Chemistry as major at the University of Dschang-Cameroon. Then he completed a research internship at the University of Kashan-Iran in 2019. After the EC2/BIG-NSE initial phase which took place at the end of 2019, he started writing his Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Reinhard Schomäcker (TUB).  

The EC2/BIG-NSE symposium represents a new series of scientific presentations given by our EC2/BIG-NSE PhD students (see schedule of the coming months here). In the coming months, on several Wednesday afternoons,  two students will thus give an online talk from approximately  5-6 pm (20 min presentation each + 10 mn Q/A). The symposium takes place online using Zoom. The access to the event is restricted to members of UniSysCat. The Zoom Link will be sent to them a few days before symposium date.

Looking forward to welcoming you on Wednesday!



ATTENTION: In case you are a UniSysCat member of TU-Berlin and did not receive the link due to the current problems with the IT systems at this university, please contact me at the following address to get the link sent:

Sorry for the inconvenience!