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First EC2/BIG-NSE symposium next Wednesday afternoon, March 17, from 5 to 6 pm

Ming Cui and Yan Xu, WS18 batch and both members of Martin Oestreich's group, present the progress of their PhD work

From 5 to 5:20 pm, Min Cui will first give a talk about "Copper-catalyzed enantio- and exo-selective addition of silicon nucleophiles to 7-oxa- and 7-azabenzonorbornadiene derivatives". His talk will be followed by a Q/A session. Here the abstract of his presentation.
Ming is an EC2/BIG-NSE PhD student from the WS18 batch writing his PhD in the group of Martin Oestreich and financed by a CSC scholarship. He originally comes from the Hunan province in China and first studied Chemistry at the Hunan University of Science and Technology (B.Sc.). Then he moved to Ghangzhou (Guangdong province) to specialize in organic chemistry at the South China Normal University, before joining Martin Oestreich's group for his PhD at the beginning of 2019.

After his talk, expectedly between 5:30 and 5:50 pm, Yan Xu will give a presentation with the title "Enantio- and regioselective synthesis of ╬▒-chiral allenylsilanes by nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling of propargylic bromides and alkylzinc reagents" (see abstract attached) also followed by a Q/A session. Here the abstract of her presentation.
Yan also belongs to the WS18 batch of EC2/BIG-NSE, writes her PhD under the supervision of Martin Oestreich, and is funded by a CSC scholarship.
She did her Bachelor studies in Chemistry at the Shangqiu Normal university in the Henan province. For her Master studies at the Soochow University, she moved to Suzhou, close to Shanghai, in the Jiangsu province. She joined Martin's group in January 2019 just after the EC2/BIG-NSE 2018 initial phase.

The EC2/BIG-NSE symposium represents a new series of scientific presentations given by our EC2/BIG-NSE PhD students (see schedule of the coming months here).
In the coming months, on several Wednesday afternoons,two students will thus give an online talk from approximately5-6 pm (20 min presentation each + 10 mn Q/A).
The symposium will take place online using Zoom. The access to the event will be restricted to members of UniSysCat. The Zoom Link will be sent to them a fews days prior to the meeting.