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Hüseyin Küçükkeçeci

Batch: WS20

Country of origin: Turkey

Supervisor(s): Prof. Thomas (TU)/Prof. Bojdys (HU)

Area PhD:  Mass- and charge-transport in hybrid organic/inorganic photocatalyst systems (Originally Project 1 in this list)

Collaboration with:

  • Dr. Xiaojia Zhao (Hebei Normal University, China): Photocatalytic oxygen evolution studies on various hybrid heterogeneous catalyst systems
  • Dr. Matthias Schwalbe (Utrecht University, Netherlands): Molecular catalyst development for immobilization in a polymer network to do photocatalytic carbon dioxide reductio


  • Also member of the International Max Planck Research School for Elementary Processes in Physical Chemistry (IMPRS-EPPC) at the Fritz Haber Institute (from August 2023).
  • One of two student representatives of EC2/BIG-NSE since April 2021.