Please find below the list of accepted project proposals for which candidates could apply until Jan. 15, 2021 (for a PhD position starting in October 2021) - Call terminated.

List of project proposals for a start in October 2021
Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
1.Braun (HU), Kaupp (TU)Carbonylation and carboxylation of alkanes in fluorinated solvents or scCO2Proposal 1
2.Esser (ISAS), Hildebrandt (TU)Elucidating the mechanistic role of aromatic amino acids in photosensors and enzymes by UV RR spectroscopyProposal 2
3.Mroginski (TU), Neubauer (TU)Structural studies on pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylases to improve kinetics for sugar-modified nucleosidesProposal 3
4.Horch (FU), Zebger (TU)Exploring multifunctional hydrogenases by advanced vibrational spectroscopy: Reaction site coupling in complex biocatalytic systemsProposal 4
5.Dobbek (HU), Zebger (TU)Semi-artificial metallo-enzymes for CO2 reduction and oxygenationProposal 5
6.Kneipp (HU), Esser (ISAS)UV resonance Raman investigations of enzymes in actionProposal 6
7.Ray (HU), Kaupp (TU)Tandem Catalysis: Dehydrogenation and hydrogenationProposal 7
8.Repke (TU), Matera (FU)Machine learning assisted parameter estimation for optimal kinetic characterization of bifunctional heterogeneous catalystsProposal 8
9.Heberle (FU), Mroginski (TU)Flavin/protein interactions that differently shape the reactivities of the two cofactors in bifurcating electron transfer flavoproteinsProposal 9
10.Dau (FU), Strasser (TU)Electrochemical and light-driven water splitting tracked by operando X-ray spectroscopyProposal 10
11.Mroginski (TU), Lauterbach (TU)Powering F420-dependent biocatalysts with molecular hydrogenProposal 11
12.Dau (FU), Driess (TU)Electrochemical water splitting by high-performance catalyst materials unraveled by operando X-ray spectroscopyProposal 12
13.Ray (HU), Dobbek (HU)Small molecule activation regulated by secondary coordination and electrostatic effects within artificial non-heme metalloproteinsProposal 13
14.Leimkühler (UP), Zebger (TU)Artificial biocatalysis with biologically or chemically synthesized molybdenum cofactorsProposal 14

Here you can find the WS20 proposal list and here the WS19 one.