Please find below the list of accepted project proposals for which candidates could apply until Jan. 15, 2022 (for a PhD position starting in October 2022) - Call terminated.

List of project proposals for a start in October 2022 (Call terminated)
Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
1.Nunes Alves (TU), Leimkühler (UP)Machine learning to predict Michaelis constants for aldehyde oxidase enzymesProposal 1
2.Rosowski (BasCat), Matera (FHI), Schomäcker (TU)Modeling of single and tandem reactions: from kinetic investigations to a general framework to understand catalytic systemsProposal 2
3.Thomas (TU), Bojdys (HU)Interfacial catalysts for overall water splitting (InterCat)Proposal 3
4.Gurlo (TU), Schomäcker (TU), Hess (TU)Application of substitutional and intermetallic alloys to carbon dioxide hydrogenation by tandem catalystsProposal 4
5.Dobbek (HU), Zebger (TU)Semi-artificial metallo-enzymes for CO2 reduction and oxygenationProposal 5
6.Kneipp (HU), Esser (ISAS)UV resonance Raman investigations of enzymes in actionProposal 6
7.Neubauer (TU), Lenz (TU)Development and scale-up of a fed-batch process for heterologous hydrogenase
production in E. coli
Proposal 7
8.Repke (TU), Matera (FHI)Machine learning assisted parameter estimation for optimal kinetic characterization of bifunctional heterogeneous catalystsProposal 8
9.Heberle (FU), Mroginski (TU)Flavin/protein interactions that differently shape the reactivities of the two cofactors in bifurcating electron transfer flavoproteinsProposal 9
10.Rosowski (BasCat), Repke (TU)New design-of-experiment strategies for efficient materials discovery in heterogeneous catalysisProposal 10
11.Nunes Alves (TU), Leimkühler (UP)Effects of cell-like quinary interactions over enzyme catalysisProposal 11
12.Rosowski (BasCat), Thomas (TU)Synthesis of bifunctional heterogeneous catalysts based on metal-organic frameworksProposal 12
13Reuter (FHI), Driess (TU)Single ion activities for pH determination: Combining robotics and artificial intelligence to tackle an unsolved fundamental problemProposal 13
14Weber (ZIB), Horch (FU)Understanding catalyst reactions by time-resolved spectroscopy and mathematic modelingProposal 14
  Possibly more proposals to come: check this page regularly for updates! 

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