List of project proposals for a start in October 2023
Nr.Project leadersTopicLink
P1Prof. Gurlo (TUB), Prof. Repke (TUB)Electrospun Co-Pt-based tandem catalysts for the CO2 hydrogenation to olefinsProposal 1
P2Prof. Hegemann (HUB), Prof. Hildebrandt (TUB), Dr. Sun (FMP, TUB)Far-red sensitive shrimp rhodopsinsProposal 2
P3Dr. Zebger (TUB), Prof. Mroginski (TUB)Elucidating coupling and reactivities in an ATPase driven reductase by vibrational spectroscopy and quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics computationsProposal 3
P4Prof. Nunes Alves (TUB), Prof. Leimkühler (UP)Effects of cell-like quinary interactions over enzyme catalysisProposal 4
P5Prof. Ray (HUB), Prof. Driess (TUB), Prof. Dau (FUB), Prof. Haumann (FUB)Relations between non-saturated Iron coordination and electronic/geometric structures of biologically relevant molecules with [Fe2(μ-O)2]n+ coresProposal 5
P6Dr. Horch (FUB), Prof. Mroginski (TUB)Obtaining a dynamic picture of biological carbon fixation by computational spectroscopy and simulationsProposal 6
P7Dr. Roderer (FMP), Prof. Lange (FMP, HUB), Dr. Sun (FMP, TUB)Structural basis of rhomboid protease substrate recognition and transmembrane helix arrangement by cryo-EM and integrative modelingProposal 7
P8Dr. Nürnberg (FUB), Prof. Zouni (HUB), Dr. Scheerer (Charité)Improved photosystem coupling and a novel spectral-tuning approach in lightdriven formate productionProposal 8
P9Prof. Neubauer (TUB), Prof. Lenz (TUB), Dr. Cruz-Bournazou (TUB)Mathematical modeling of the synthesis of recombinant hydrogenase in E. coli as a tool for increasing its functional yieldProposal 9
P10Prof. Nunes Alves (TUB), Prof. Leimkühler (UP), Prof. Mroginski (TUB)Machine learning to predict Michaelis constants for aldehyde oxidase enzymesProposal 10
P11Prof. Repke (TUB), Dr. Rosowski (BasCat)New strategies for efficient Design-Of-Experiments for material selection in heterogeneous catalysis researchProposal 11
P12Prof. Neubauer (TUB), Dr. Sun (FMP/TUB)Identification and characterization of halogenases acting on nucleoside scaffoldsProposal 12
P13Dr. Al Naji (TUB/BasCat), Prof. Antonietti (MPI-KGF), Prof. Neubauer (TUB)Reductive catalytic fractionation of waste cellulosic-biomass to functional chemicals and subsequently to green polymersProposal 13

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